Chris Branson Lowman

I’m an archaeologist, currently finishing up my research at Stanford before starting my PhD at Berkeley in Fall 2012. I plan to focus on historic California, particularly cross-cultural interaction between white Americans and other immigrant groups including the Chinese.

I was on the Varsity Fencing Team during my undergrad at Stanford (2006-2010). I currently run the Stanford Fencing Association website.

I am learning more about photography from my dad, who works at Keeble and Shuchat. I’m helping my mom with her own WordPress blog about parenting, Melody Lowman on Parenting.

AboutMe Page

One response to “Chris Branson Lowman

  1. Dear Chris

    Hi, this is Takahiro Araki from Tokyo university, Japan.
    I really enjoyed talking with you on last Friday, and we all thank you for your great campus tour !!
    After you left, we discussed which university is the best among four university we visited (MIT Harvard UCB Stanford), and agreed on that Stanford is the best university, because they have really beautiful campus and such a nice person as you !!

    If you have chance to visit Tokyo or Japan, please notify us because we want to take you to our campus tour and Tokyo tour !!

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “add friends button” in your facebook page, so I am sending message from this website.
    Following is my facebook page, so please find me if you have time !!



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